About Us

Welcome to Homesake!

It has been two years since we established Homesake and after much exhaustive exploration, sultry factory afternoons, long road trips, we were able to accumulate a set of products that greatly appealed to us! After dipping our feet initially in the arena of exhibitions across Northern India, we felt confident and motivated enough to finally launch our own website! Family & friend’s encouragement has been crucial to bringing our web child to you.

However, during this time, we were not completely content. There was so much more we wanted to offer. And we wanted each of the homes we enter to speak its own story and weave its own magical journey. And with that in mind we created our current Homesake.

Most products at Homesake have been personally created and personalized by us and packaged with love! We know that ‘HOME’ is the most comforting place in our lives, both mentally and physically and so for the sake of this sentiment, we bring our treasure of something beautiful, something quirky & something new to you! And with requests coming in from all parts of the world, we are trying to grow and send our love globally!

This is still the beginning for us and we hope you can find something that you would love to add to your beautiful house. As some wise boy said, “always better”! And that is what we will continuously strive for – to keep getting better!

Here’s wishing that our passion helps brighten up another corner of your home!

Cheers and have a great day.

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+91 9897102439